7. Connectivity Questions:

7.1 I-Net/Star Security

Question: What are the security implications of setting up I-NET/STAR connections (UNIX-UNIX)? Do I really have to set up an account on the remote machine with a .rhosts entry allowing access for each remote user?

Is there any way of achieving remote access for the Database without having to grant login or other remote command access?

Solution 1: Use some kind of "guest" account not associated with any particular user - but I strongly recommend NOT doing that...

Solution 2: Keep duplicate accounts for many users on multiple machines, using NIS to to sync /etc/passwd, group, etc

Philip Blanchar (philipb@sj.hp.com)

Solution 3: I have discovered a bug (feature ?) of Informix-NET in that when doing its trusted host validation it takes the last entry as overriding earlier ones. Our system software takes the first entry as overriding later ones, so I have tried the following /etc/hosts.equiv file:

        -{host name}
        +{host name}

which allows Informix to talk (as the trusted host check passes), but does not allow other system utilities (rsh, rlogin, ..etc) to pass their trusted host checks.

Please give it a try - as it might just be our version of Informix-Net.

lwaugh@awadi.com.AU (Lionel Waugh)

is this a bug?

is this "just our [their] version of Informix-Net"?

7.2 I-Net is slow... Help!

If you are using I-NET PC version 5.x. with Windows your solution might be to add a link in window's SYSTEM.INI :


If you are using I-NET PC version 4.x? I don't know then.

- Erik Chong

If you're using I-NET for an ODBC connection you might want to consider using some of ODBC products which don't use I-NET at all (they tend to work quite a bit faster). See section 12.4 ODBC drivers

If you're using Visual BASIC you should look into the SQL_PASSTHROUGH option for ODBC. This seems to improve performance. - Benjamin Taub (btaub@izzy.net)

7.3 Intermittant problems with I-NET vs SCO

shemminga@cix.compulink.co.uk (Stuart Hemming) claims:

You need to retune you kernel by upping the following two parameters


When I had this problem mine were set to 16; I changed then to 64 (set both parameters to the same value). The problem is intermittant because of something to do with the number of streams resources consumed at any given moment by the I-Net/SQLEXEC calls.

7.4 I-NET gives -932 errors and complains about getservbyname (WSANO_DATA)

Dr. Richard Spitz (spitz@ana.med.uni-muenchen.de) explains:

I-Net is looking in your "services" file for the TCP/IP port number of your I-Net service. By default, this is "sqlexec 1525/tcp", but you can use any other service name or port number, as long as it is the same on all machines involved, including the server, and the server is configured to "listen" to that name.

The location of the "services" file on your PC depends on the TCP/IP product you use. If it is MS TCP/IP-32, it is in the Windows directory. Make sure there is an entry for sqlexec (or another name you chose) and that this entry is on a line by itself. If it is in the last line, add a "return" after the line so the End-Of-File marker is on the next line.

My Comment:

The easiest option is just to grab the 'hosts' and 'services' files from '/etc' on your Unix Host and copy them into whatever directory your Windows TCP/IP stack expects them to be in (Win95 TCP/IP uses \WINDOWS)

7.5 Intersolves ODBC Driver complain it is unable to load locale categories.

On 16th Dec 1997 sasmith@midway.uchicago.edu (Steven A. Smith) wrote:-

> I get the following error when trying to connect to an informix
> database using the INFORMIX-CLI ODBC driver:
>  Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
> [INTERSOLV][ODBC Informix driver][Informix]Unable to load locale
> categories.

Finally got it fixed. If anyone else has similar problems, here's the simple fix. Run Informix/Bin/regcopy.exe. That was all it took.

7.6 How do I set lock mode from a client server app?

On 8th Oct 1999 dmorales@giro.es (Diego Morales) wrote:-

create procedure sp_setlock()

    set lock mode to wait;

end procedure

then from Powerbuilder then prepare and execute 'execute procedure sp_setlock()'