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Resume of Gary D. Vinson

Consultant, PRS Technologies, Inc.

Professional Experience

PRS Technologies, Inc. Consultant 2001 - present

Have written software solutions for several clients both in the U.S. and abroad. Notable activities have included:

  • Successfully writing and implementing conversion programs for an Elite Billing System merger for an existing law firm client that merged with another firm.
  • Written numerous electronic bills in various format including Ledes and Legal Advisor using both Informix 4gl and a version of Ledes that runs from a UNIX shell script that is called from Elite for Windows.
  • Coded several custom reports for both marketing applications and Elite billing applications, including participation on an attorney profile that combined data from various sources and presented it on the firm's intranet - thereby eliminating hours of manual effort to assemble this information each month.
  • Participated in a successful data recovery effort for a banking database that was lost after the computer crashed. The entire Informix database was restored onto another computer that I had to set up to mirror the original crashed server.
  • Coded interfaces to many cost recovery systems for clients including a cost recovery program that loads Federal Express charges from a Fedex website into Elite and then generates prepaid vouchers for each invoice to account for electronic payments. Have also automated cost recovery into Elite at several firms for systems such as Equitrac, Copitrak, and Carpe Diem.
  • Wrote web-based data entry/query forms using Informix 4gl to dynamically generate HTML and Javascript. Created forms to insert/display data in an Informix Online database to HTML in a Linux environment. Modified other existing programs to meet display standards determined by the client.

Decision Basis Group (Formerly BSSG), Senior Technical Consultant Gaithersburg, MD (1995-2001)

Presented with ever-growing responsibilities. Activities include:

  • Writing code for and performing data conversions for Elite, a legal accounting time and billing system. Programs were written in Informix 4gl. I have participated in over 20 Elite conversions and have been the sole programmer on some of them.
  • Writing custom reports and integration utilities for Elite customers in Informix 4gl, Informix SQL, Elite General SQL Report Writer, UNIX shell scripting, and IQ Objects, a windows-based report writer.
  • Writing interfaces from Elite to third party applications including Carpe Diem, DTE, Equitrac, Copitrac, FedEx, Lucent, Tymetrix, and others.
  • Installing, configuring, and tuning databases for Informix Online versions 5.x and 7.x, as well as SQL Server versions 6.5 and 7.x.
  • Created model code and trained new programmers and technical staff.
  • Created training manuals and conducted training for Introductory SQL for Elite. I’ve also done several training sessions for Elite administrators, including basic UNIX commands, Informix administration tutorials, and basic Elite user and printer administration.
  • Participated in two InterAction contact relationship management system conversions. Wrote custom Transac-SQL scripts to perform data additions for an on-going basis to integrate InterAction with four other in-house systems.

Tandy Information Services, Forth Worth, Texas (1994-1995)

Senior Programmer/Analyst

  • Lead programmer/system designer for the production scheduling system for Tandy Wire and Cable. System was written in COBOL and Informix 4gl. Wrote a major portion of the code. Implemented project successfully.
  • Redesigned the Incentive Pay and tracking system for the manufacturing floor with implementation of new time collection hardware and software and new EDI routines to transmit data to corporate headquarters.


  • Added several enhancements to T.E.A.M.S. manufacturing system using COBOL and DEC UNIX (Ultrix). Made modifications to inventory systems and participated in the development of their production scheduling systems.

Environments/Operating Systems/Languages

Databases – Informix – can install, configure, and tune both Standard Engine and Online versions (6.x and 7.x). I have familiarity with all the standard administration utilities (tb/onstat, tb/onmode, tb/ontape, on-Bar). I have more than 7 years development experience with Informix.

Databases – Microsoft SQL Server – Have performed installations and database administration on version 6.5 and version 7.0 database platforms.

Languages – Informix 4gl – primary programming language. Have written or modified hundreds of 4gl programs.

Languages – Bourne/Korn Shell – including sed and awk experience. I’ve written very complicated shell scripting to perform various tasks both in the foreground and in the background as scheduled (cron) jobs.

Other Languages – Experience in HTML/Javascript, C/C++, Transac-SQL (SQL Server), COBOL, Visual Basic, Pascal

UNIX – HP/UX, SCO, Linux, Ultrix – Basic administration and navigation skills. Can handle administration of users, printers, disks, filesystems, etc. Power vi editor user. Programming in Bourne/Korn Shells. Can also do basic administration/setup in Windows/NT, 2000.


East Texas Baptist University, 1990

B.A. English and Computer Information Systems

  • Graduated with 3.8 GPA
  • Received President’s award for best all-around student enrolled in the college.

University of Texas at Tyler, 1992

M.S. Computer Science

  • Graduated with 3.9 GPA

Other Training includes:

  • Informix – 4gl and Advanced 4gl; Dynamic Server Administration
  • InterAction – Certified consultant for InterAction and Application Collaboration
  • Visual Basic – Introductory course
  • Carpe Diem – Usage and Administration