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Our Clients’ Favorite Programs

These are programs we actually have up and running. Our clients really appreciate these features.

Some of our clients favorite programs for use with Thomson Reuters Elite

Automatically Post Credits from Scanned Checks. Load Credits from a data file. No more manual Credit Entry! Incredible, but true!

Electronic ACH Payments and Deposits. Perfect for expense reimbursement or just vendor payments. Send notification via E-mail

Positive Pay. Notify your bank of which checks were actually issued. Prevents fraud!

Only show reports on the menu that you have permission to run! Restrict the Thomson Elite Report Tree to display only reports a user is allowed to run -- using *Report Level* security What a great idea! Why show reports on the Enterprise Reports Menu that you can't run.

Detect Multiple Current Proformas. Prevent billing problem before they happen. Send e-mail notification when detected This doen't happen often, but when it does, it's always a big problem because you aren't aware of the cause.

Detect Invalid Matter Numbers. With matter number masking, you would think improper matter numbers would be impossible. Not so! Almost everyone has this problem and doesn't know it. Get alerted via e-mail.

Detect inconsistent 1099 flags. Don't wait until the February rush. Receive a monthly email alert reporting vendors and vouchers with 1099 flag discrepancies.

Automatically have all your Audit Batches finalized every night. This way you don't end up with a huge number of open audit batches at the end of the month.

Automatically load Foreign Payments and other Payments as Pre-Costs. Process through Western Union Global Business Payments (See more about this)

Be able to quickly create a Top Clients Report. Run by either billings or collections. Indicate the number of clients you want to see on the report.

Buy just *one* Electronic Bill format E-Bill. (like LEDES 1998B, LEDES 2000 cXML, Litigation Advisor/Legal Solutions) without having to buy the whole expensive package. Our clients really appreciate this option!

Unhappy with the standard Thomson Reuters Elite conflicts report? Several of our clients have contracted for custom conflits hit reports. They are very happy with them

Prevent unauthorized access to your Thomson Reuters Elite database from Excel and Access. Did you know that almost anyone in your firm can make unauthorized back door changes to your Thomson Reuters Elite database using any ODBC database connection like Excel and Access. Unbelievable - but it's TRUE! Find out how to close this huge security hole in Thomson Reuters Elite!

Download/update the OFAC SDN list automatically into Conflicts. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) - Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) You can do this manually now, but we set it up to check every night to see if there were any changes in the last 24 hours and download and update automatically! It's painless.

Favorite System Administration Programs

Have your Hot Spare Thomson Reuters Elite Backup Server pre-built and ready to turn on. Copy the database over every night so the backup server is always ready to go. This could be a Virtural machine!

Create a VIRTUAL copy of your Thomson Reuters Elite Server for testing and development. With a Virtual Elite server, you can take your Elite "server" home on your laptop or just use it in-house for local testing of billing templates, programs and trying out new things!

Alert you by e-mail when you are running low on disk space. Tracks disk use over time to allow for projecting historical use.

Split your Thomson Reuters Elite saved bills directory up into smaller subdirectories. Prevents having too many files in one directory. And still be able to re-print saved bills from Elite.

*Really* clean up your saved reports directory. (Don't just pretend to!) Don't end up with thousands of old saved reports cluttering up your system.

Send you an E-mail when your database backup has failed. Are you SURE your backup is running successfully. How do you know ?

Thomson Reuters Elite System Clean-Up and Review. Let us spend a day checking out your system. It's amazing what we have found and fixed by doing this!