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Microsoft .Net Programming and Application Development

It's a whole new world in application development and PRS Technologies is experienced in the latest Microsoft .Net programming skills. Using Microsoft's Visual Studio as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), we are developing the hottest database driven websites using SQL Server databases. We are building both websites and standalone Microsoft Windows applications. Let us show you some of the applications we have recently created for our clients!

Web Enabled Database Integration

PRS Technologies integrate your backend systems and make them accessible with an easy-to-use interface over a web browser. Your employees can perform the same database functions through your website or intranet. Which means they can work remotely, at home, or around the globe. Your customers can complete transactions seamlessly over the web, your sales force can connect to corporate data, and your executives have access to online reports. Which adds up to a highly efficient, highly productive organization.

Web Application Development & Custom Programming

Speed time to market. Streamline your internal business processes. Use technology to find efficiencies so you can do more with less. Whether you want to improve your business processes, build e-business solutions or integrate your legacy applications with a web-based solution, PRS Technologies can meet your needs. We design and engineer custom solutions that enhance your unique business needs. From helping you refine your business objectives and spec’ing out your technical environment to beta testing, deployment and launch, our technical team of expert developers will build applications designed to help your business thrive.

Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise Support

PRS Technologies offers a full range of Thomson Reuters Elite support and consulting services. We make it easy for large law firms to get the most from their investment in this powerful piece of software.

Your business productivity depends on large, complex, difficult-to-learn software. PRS offers training, trouble shooting, custom development of reports, bills, and financial statements. We can fine-tune your time and billing and accounting software package to meet the unique needs of your firm. We can train your accounting and information systems staff to get them up to speed quickly and efficiently. We can customize Thomson Reuters Elite’s powerful reporting functions to provide real insight into your business, drilling down to numbers that show you productivity, profitability and costs.

Installation and Support of Elite Enterprise Servers. Get it right the first time. If you are just getting started with Elite, we can install and configure your Elite Enterprise Server then fine-tune the software to meet the unique needs of your firm.

Elite Telephone Support and Troubleshooting. Combine complex software with complex business processes and you’ve got a recipe for tough problems. Call us, and we’ll respond quickly with creative solutions that keep you up and running.

Elite On-Site Support and Training. A well-trained staff is a productive staff. Our team at PRS has worked with Elite for years. We know the software, and we understand how it integrates the operations of your accounting and financial department. Our onsite training eliminates the hassle and frustration of learning Elite. We’ll enable your staff to work productively with Elite, helping your accounting department to run efficiently, and reduce operating costs.

Elite On-Site Temporary Billing Personnel. If you find yourself shorthanded, understaffed, or just growing too quickly to handle the load, PRS can help with temporary personnel. Our resources include a cohort of trained Elite specialists who can come in and hit the ground running, keeping your operation running smoothly.

Elite Month-End Balancing Assistance. At the end of the month, your accounts must balance—to the penny. With hundreds, if not thousands of time-keepers entering time into Elite, and millions of dollars of work in progress, balancing your monthly accounts can be a time consuming, tedious process. PRS are experts in month end balancing.

Elite Bill and Proforma Templates (Standard and Whitehill). We format bills in Elite to meet the needs of your accounting department and business operations. Custom bills enhance the prestige of your firm’s brand, and support your internal billing process. You decide how much information will appear on bills, or how little. We develop Proforma templates so you can send attorneys prebills for their review, revision and sign off.

Elite Electronic Bills. Welcome to the paperless office. For firms and agencies that require submission of electronic bills, we can customize Elite to output data files and records to meet specific e-billing formats. When bills are collected and submitted electronically, the payment process is seamless. And you get paid quicker, which is even better.

Elite Financial Statement Formats. Profit, loss, balance sheets. Elite Financial Statements are complicated, detailed, and often don’t tell you what you really want to know. Are you making money? What are the costs of doing business? We specialize in creating easy to read, easy to understand financial statements that provide insight into how you run your business. At a glance you can analyze your general ledger, your billings, receivables, and costs.

Elite Custom Reports. You can spend a million dollars on an Elite installation, and at the end of the day, it still won’t tell you what you want to know. Profitability? Productivity? Where are the profit centers in your firm? How do you calculate bonuses? PRS designs custom reports in Elite that help you make sense of the data that resides in Elite. You can run internal reports that evaluate attorney productivity, assess where you are spending and making money, and analyze the formulas that determine quarterly bonus pay outs.

Elite Custom Time and Cost Load Programs. Recoup your costs. PRS creates custom time and cost load programs to make sure your firm get reimbursed for costs such as travel, phone calls, Fed Ex, faxes and copies. We can help you collect ongoing costs in a subsystem, associate costs with their assigned matters, and then load your time and cost files into Elite so they can be billed accurately, appropriately and in a timely manner.

Elite Merger Automation. Mergers are never easy. PRS can help rationalize different sets of practices, procedures and policies then standardize them on a single Elite platform. Whether you have two entirely different accounting systems, if one firm is currently using Elite, or both firms are on Elite, PRS can help streamline the merger process. We gather all your firm’s records, including WIP costs, time keepers, and matters, and interpret them into Elite. Your crucial data is transferred seamlessly. And your accounting department never misses a beat.

Elite Database Purge and Cleanup. Run lean and clean. Over time database performance can degrade. To keep your Elite systems running at peak performance and free up space in your database we purge old records, and delete obsolete information. Performing regular database maintenance keeps your database small and helps speed transaction times.

Load Ruesch foreign payments into Elite. We have a yen for billing. PRS Technologies can provide your business with an automated solution that streamlines the international payment process.

    Summary of Elite Support Services Available

    • Elite Support Services Available
    • Installation and Support of Elite Enterprise Servers
    • Elite Telephone Support and Troubleshooting
    • Elite On-Site Support and Training
    • Elite On-Site Temporary Billing Personnel
    • Elite Month-End Balancing Assistance
    • Elite Bill and Proforma Templates and Superbills (Standard and Whitehill)
    • Elite Electronic Bills
    • Elite Financial Statement Formats
    • Elite Custom Reports
    • Elite Custom EXTEND Events
    • Elite Custom Time and Cost Load Programs
    • Elite Merger Automation
    • Elite General Ledger Re-Number
    • Elite database purge and cleanup
    • Elite VBA customization of the Elite Enterprise
    • Elite WebView - Installation and customization
    • Elite Business Intelligence and Business Objects programming (BI/BO)
    • Elite interfacing with Interwoven Worksite (formerly iManage)
    • Document Management System (DMS)
    • Informix and SQL Server Database Administration (DBA)
    • Unix Systems Administration
    • Performance Tuning
    • Load Western Union foreign payments into Elite More about this

Informix and SQL Server Database Administration (DBA)

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. PRS Technologies can make sure that data is stored, secure, and accessible. In addition to maintaining your mission critical Informix and SQL Server database, we monitor storage, CPU, memory, workload fluctuations response time, and performance management.

Unix Systems Administration

PRS Technologies can install, maintain and tune UNIX computer systems. This includes hardware configuration, software installation, reconfiguration of the kernel, networking, and anything else your business needs to ensure your system works and your critical applications continue to run in an optimum manner.

Performance Tuning

Efficient applications require a database server capable of whiplash performance. PRS Technologies can design and tune databases for efficient storage, rapid retrieval, and the flexibility to grow over time as business conditions demand.