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Thomson Reuters Elite Downloads

Over the years we’ve developed an extensive library of software patches, bug fixes, applications, and useful information to help your organization keep its systems software running smoothly. As leaders in the community of legal software developers and support engineers, we want to contribute to the ongoing development of our field, so we make this information available at no charge.

Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise Migration Information

File Name Description
enterprise_migration_preparation.pdf Elite Enterprise Migration Preparation - Instructions to the client (PDF document)
elite_migration_validation_report_listing.xls Which Elite reports to run to validate an Elite migration (Spreadsheet) Note: All batches must be reported and finalized and all audit batches created and finalized prior to running any validation reports.
Note: Elite has requested that we remove this document from public access. But we are free distribute it all bona fide users. Please just send us a message and we will be happy send you this document. Product System Requirements for Elite Products - as of 02/09/2006

Thomson Reuters Elite Presentations

File Name Description
LawNet 2004 Crystal and Excel.ppt
LawNet 2004 Excel Example.xls
LawNet 2004 Crystal Report Example.rpt
LawNet 2004 SQL Example
Exporting Data and Creating Financial Reports with Excel and Crystal
Presented at the LawNet Annual User Conference
in Phoenix, Arizona on 08/25/2004
(PowerPoint Presentation, 3.7 Meg)

Our staff has delivered presentations and technical briefs at user conferences around the country. These step-by-step instructions can help you get up and running fast.

Thomson Reuters Elite Month-End Balancing

Excel spreadsheets and SQL Scripts used for Month-End Balancing with Elite
Note: these SQL statements were originally written for SQL Server and they were converted to be used with Informix

File Name Description
me_bal_wkst.xls This excel spreadsheet is based on the one from the 2000 Elite User's Conference and works in conjunction with the Balancing Guide distributed at the conference. It has been slightly enhanced based on our preferences.
ardebit.sql If Elite A/R does not equal A/R G/L Account, this sql will find the potential problem ledger index for a debit ledger code (ie. FEES, HCOST, etc.)
arvsrec1.sql This sql statement will calculate total Elite A/R for use in troubleshooting the Elite A/R Report vs. the Elite A/R Reconciliation discrepancies
arvsrec2.sql This sql will help troubleshoot discrepency between the Elite A/R Report and the Elite A/R Reconciliation
balprob.sql This sql looks for NB time or cost on billable matters in Elite, PB time or cost with non-zero bill amount. This sql also compares the time and cost tables to the Elite ledger table and looks for time/cost records modified or billed in an earlier period than worked.
costclear.sql This SQL compares costs in the current period of Elite to vouchers in the current period. It is possible that the voucher and cost are in different periods, and report as discrepancies here.
Written by PRS Tech for Elite Month End Balancing
fees_mat1.sql This sql statement will identify any discrepancy between fees collected in the Elite ledger table and fees posted to the fee income account

Informix 4GL Programs used with Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description

To be used when duplicate costs are mixed in with other costs that are not duplicated. Create a new Elite L2 cost load file that contains only the costs that are not duplicated. Presumably you would delete the original batch and reload the costs from the new L2 cost load file created by this program.


Find duplicate costs that have already been included in an Elite proforma. Search out proformas for costs that have been duplicated Create a report by matter billing attorney that Elite billers can use to be on the lookout for duplicated costs.

Korn Shell Scripts for SQL Server used with Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description
crossover.ksh This script identifies occurrences where dollars were collected by a working timekeeper from one office who worked on matters from another office.
This is a good example of running a SQL from a Korn script and passing the SQL using the "here-is" technique, as well as passing a variable to a SQL script, printing from the command line and using temp tables in MS-Transact SQL.

Unix Shell Scripts used with Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description
ck_glpost.ksh Check for glpost records where glpost.gpbatch is null.
This program will determine if any glpost records exist where the gpbatch field has not been successfully updated when the audit batch was finalized. Monitor progress of all Informix 4ge programs running in Elite Check for Elite/FRX posting errors. Check for multiple current proformas in Elite. Count how many Elite reports each user has in Elite-for-Windows
Delete (or recycle) all Elite reports for a selected user over a certain age that has a NULL filename or where the ascii file pointed to by elite is missing for a specific user id. Put Unix files not referenced by Elite winoutstat into a RECYCLE bin for all users. Delete (or recycle) all Elite reports for a selected user over a certain age. Identify (do NOT delete) Elite winoutstat records that point to missing Unix files or Unix files that have no winoutstat records. Delete Elite winoutstat records that point to Unix files that do not exist . Get the current Elite accounting period (for use in shell scripts) Get the prior Elite accounting period (for use in shell scripts) Validate the Elite accounting period (for use in shell scripts) Disable selected Unix and Elite-for-Windows logins preventing access to Elite Enable Unix and Elite-for-Windows logins enabling access to Elite Review the contents of an Elite L2 cost load file, with total amount, and breakdowns by date, period and location. Rotate Elite EIS logs - up to 10 versions Startup and shutdown Elite EIS deamons Monitor progress of a single Informix 4ge session running for Elite

Informix SQL Scripts used with Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description
dupe_costs3.sql A simple SQL script to list (and delete?) duplicate costs in Elite

Informix Stored Procedures (SPL) used with Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description
pr_mattsub.sql A stored procedure used in Elite bill templates to print a summary of Split Billing

Thomson Reuters Elite Bugs

File Name Description
apage.4gl This bug sometimes caused sqlerror -710 at line 784 when running an Elite A/P Aged report by vendor name.
frxpost.4gl This bug caused G/L budget changes to not correctly update the FRX tables in Elite/FMS.

Miscellaneous Information about Thomson Reuters Elite

File Name Description
Purge glpost Purging the glpost table in Elite
archive_reports Procedure for permanently archiving Elite reports
check.4ge option F Instructions on running check.4ge option F from the command line in Elite
checktab Instructions on running checktab.4ge from the command line in Elite
tc_erase Instructions on running tc_erase.4ge from the command line in Elite. This program is used to erase Elite time and costs globally, particularly in the case of inadvertent duplicate loads of time and cost files.
Timekeeper Sort Transfer This feature enables you to change the initials and sort levels for a list of Elite timekeepers.
There is also a script used to automate the process.
Security in custom reports This is how to set up security to control access to custom reports in Elite.
Also, here are some notes on setting up custom reports in Elite.